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I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

I’m Laura - portrait and wedding photographer

I've had a camera in my hands since the age of 13, capturing the world that I grew up in. I've graduated from modeling school, pursued art and design, and studied cultural management and creative photography, all of which have shaped my unique perspective behind the lens.
I pride myself on being an "easy-going" person who can break the ice with a relaxed smile and some (not always funny) jokes. Those around me often say that I radiate human love, creating a relaxed and free atmosphere.

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random facts about me


Starting from my student years, I embarked on various trips that hold a special place in my heart. From capturing wakeboarding & surf in Portugal to exotic photoshoot locations like Vietnam, Zanzibar, Morocco, and Spain, I've been fortunate to capture the magic of love and adventure in my photography.

So, let's embark on your wedding or engagement adventure together!


I have been among the TOP5 best wedding photographers in Latvia for 4 years in a row.


In addition to capturing weddings and photo sessions, I have also curated a personal exhibition that explores the significance of scars in the development of one's personality. This exhibition, created as a social project, has been widely appreciated.

For my Latvian readers - you can find the project HERE (Part I) and HERE (Part II).


I have the commitment to walk the entire coastline of Latvia. Walking in the forest or along the sea in good company is one of the best sources of energy.